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I Fish Creek – Team Fundraising!

Everything is better shared, so why not share the fun and excitement of team fundraising and support this year’s annual fundraiser?!  It’s easy to create a team and connect with your family, friends, colleagues or anyone else in your social network to join your fundraising efforts.

To start your team, you’ll need to create an account in our fundraising platform, Kindful.  From there, you will create your team fundraising page, which includes the opportunity to develop a mission statement for your team and tell us all a bit about your team and its members.  Maybe you all work in the same office, or belong to the same faith group, or are a group of friends who meet and walk in Fish Creek every day?  Maybe each of your team members  has their own, personal connection with the park, or maybe they simply want to be part of your team and support your efforts, because the park is such an important place to you?  Your team will also set a fundraising goal, and each member can also set their own.

Once you have your team page and have a few team members, you simply share the link to your page via email or through your social medial channels, and donors simply click on a link to make their donation.  It’s as simple as that!  All payments are made online, so there is no need to collect donations from anyone (unless you decide to collect “pledges”, in which case, you may have to track a few people down for cash payments).

Start a Team

If you are interested in going this extra step but need a bit of tech support in setting up your Kindful account and team page, you can check out this video we created, which will take you through the process, step by step.

Watch Video

We know that this kind of fundraising is not for everyone, and if that’s the case for you, of course we understand!  Maybe you will still consider making a donation, check out our first ever online silent auction, or simply share your personal story about why Fish Creek Provincial Park is a special place for you (via the form on our main fundraising page).

We are grateful to our community of volunteers, members, donors, partners and funders who’s support makes our important work in Fish Creek Provincial Park possible.  Each and every act of kindness and support keeps us going!