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With the support of the Harry & Martha Cohen Foundation, the Friends of Fish Creek are proud to offer educational programming for youth groups!

Youth Nature Programs in Fish Creek

Jump into any – or all! – of these programs and earn a badge while you’re at it, or simply because you want to learn about the fascinating living creatures in Fish Creek Provincial Park! 
Our Youth Nature Programs are available from April to September.

Amazing Adaptations – Discover ways animals adapt to their environment to find food, escape predators, and survive winter!  This 1-hour program features costumes, props and a guided interpretive walk in the park!  Based on the Cub Scouts’ Naturalist Badge, but suitable for any youth groups age 5-10, $4 per youth.

 Notice Nature  – Get to know some of the park’s trees and plants and take part in a wetland exploration to discover our underwater neighbours!  This 1.5-hour outing will allow you to experiment with different equipment and work toward achieving your Scout’s Naturalist Badge.  Suitable for youth age 11-14, $5 per youth.

 Soil Secrets  –  Learn about the secret life of soil by digging in and getting dirty!  You’ll also uncover what happens to rain after it falls in this 1.5-hour program, and have the opportunity to work toward your  Scout’s Soil and Water Management Badge.  Suitable for youth age 11-14, $5 per youth.

Stewardship Adventure  – Visit Fish Creek Provincial Park, learn about an issue threatening the park’s ecosystems and take part in a hands-on conservation project to improve the ecosystem.  Suitable for youth ages 11-16, $6 per youth.

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Here’s what people are saying about these programs:

“The boys had so much fun. They were showing things to Katie and
asking questions. The interaction was perfect.”

“We had four groups of boys go through and they all expressed how much fun they had.
Many commented that this had been the best activity ever.”

“The facilitators were very engaging. The kids particularly enjoyed
the dress-up part and the animal guessing-game at the beginning.”

“We thought it was excellent value, particularly since we had quite a large group of kids.”