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Apr 2013

Tree Wrapping

By developer

Beavers are an important species that provides many ecological services such as slowing of water, absorption of water into the ground and creation of habitat for other species of wildlife.  Although their presence can be beneficial to natural ecosystems, infrastructure such as trails, water filtration systems and engineered stormwater wetlands can be damaged by their activity. 

In this program, volunteers wrap the base of poplar and cottonwood trees with stucco wire to deter beavers from moving into areas near sensitive park infrastructure. This proactive approach will decrease potential damage to trails, water filtration systems and engineered stormwater wetlands by encouraging beavers to inhabit more natural areas that will benefit from their presence.  Volunteers will also be trained to use our new Tree Damage app that allows us to map the location and condition of trees that require protection and monitoring. 

There are also opportunities for experienced Volunteers to lead Tree Wrapping Outings.  Please see Stewardship Crew Leader section below for more info.

We are grateful to Alberta Environment and Parks staff Julia Millen and Scott Jevons for their support and direction in creating this app!
If you would like to know more about our Tree Wrapping Program, please contact Katie Bakken at or at 403-238-3841