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Fish Creek Community Terrace 

Phase 5 of the Dedication Brick Program

2017 saw us celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Friends of Fish Creek and as part of our celebration we developed the 25th Anniversary Legacy Brick Pathway program. Since then close to 300 people have dedicated a brick and these can be viewed at the Bow Valley Ranch in Fish Creek Provincial Park.

We have begun offering bricks in the next phase of this program, along the Fish Creek Community Terrace, which will be built in front of the Cookhouse at the Bow Valley Ranch . Every brick tells a story – some are for people who are no longer with us, who have a left a mark on Fish Creek, to commemorate a milestone or new arrival to the family, or simply to show one’s support for this cherished area. 

This is a great opportunity to leave a legacy in the park for a loved one or to show support for the work the Friends do toward the sustainability and enjoyment of Fish Creek Provincial Park. If you have a small business, please consider this opportunity to promote your business through a brick in Fish Creek Provincial Park. 

Engrave a brick with your personal message (two lines, up to 16 characters each, including spaces)

Only $250.00 / brick and you will receive a tax receipt

Complete Brick Form