The Friends of Fish Creek Need a Truck!

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Help the Friends Raise Funds for a Truck

This year, we have developed a successful system for watering our restoration sites with the support of AEP staff, vehicles and equipment we now have a team of volunteers watering our restoration sites. Our next challenge is to secure our very own Friends of Fish Creek heavy-duty truck capable of transporting a full water tank, people and equipment necessary to continue the regular watering of our ReWilding sites.

Stewardship of Fish Creek Provincial Park is fundamental to the Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society.  Getting a truck would significantly improve our ability to meet our Stewardship goals. Many of  our Watershed Stewardship Programs include Riparian Stewardship, Tree Wrapping, Park Clean Ups require the use of a vehicle as well as other tasks throughout the year. 

Fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

Our Goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase a truck. Special thanks to Starbucks Canada Charitable Fund, held at Vancouver Foundation for their generous contribution towards our goal.

Donating to help the Friends of Fish Creek purchase a truck is now easier than ever before. There are a variety of ways to contribute:

  • Donate
  • Call in with a credit card # – 403-238-3841 ext. 1
  • Mail in a cheque to Friends of Fish Creek, ATTN: Truck Fundraiser, PO Box 2780 Stn M, Calgary, AB T2P 2M7
  • Drop by the Friends office at the Cookhouse to donate with cash, cheque , credit card or debit
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