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Osprey Seen near Sikome, May 25

Birding Location

Birding Location    Birding Notes    Birding Reports    Photos    External Events May 15 – 21, 2017 Welcome to the best hobby in the world.   The only hobby in the world where thousands of birders will rush to charter planes to fly to a remote sub-arctic island to catch a glimpse of a female […]

Birding External Events

Birding Location    Birding Notes    Birding Reports    Photos    External Events New post on Birds Calgary Canmore Bird Walks, and Birds of Banff and Canmore by SWAINSONS Posted by Bob Lefebvre Ethan Denton is an accomplished young birder who lives in Canmore, an hour west of Calgary at the entrance to Banff National […]

Birding Notes

Birding Location    Birding Notes    Birding Reports    Photos    External Events BIRDING NOTE #3: DIVERSITY OF BIRDS: Note: This is the third article being sent to participants. If you have missed any of the previous two, let me know. GJY. I suspect that most of you have had a pre-existing interest in birds […]

Birding Photos

Birding Location   Birding Notes    Birding Reports    Photos    External Events May 22 – 28 – Voitiers Flats             May 15 – 21 – Carburn Park Swainson’s Thrush – John Kimber Le Conte’s Sparrow

Birding Report

  Birding Location   Birding Notes    Birding Reports    Photos    External Events FFCPPSoc. Carburn Park, SE Calgary, 09:15-12:30 PM, Thursday, 18 May 2017. Mostly sunny, 6 – 13 C. Combined result of two groups Canada Goose-28, goslings-30 Gadwall-3 American Wigeon-12 Mallard-14, ducklings-5 Blue-winged Teal-2 Common Goldeneye-20 Common Merganser-14 Ruddy Duck-1 American White Pelican-40 Double-crested […]

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Birding Course

Autumn Birding Course starts Monday, September 4, 2017! Autumn is one of the best times of year to learn about the birds of Fish Creek! Register today.

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Wellness Sessions

The Friends’ wellness-based events and activities are designed to engage community members and foster overall wellness. Experience Yoga, Meditation, Painting and Qi Gong!

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Fish Creek Speaker Series

Meet others who also love Fish Creek and learn about a wide range of topics from geology to wildlife through our Speaker Series.

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Nature Programs for Youth Groups

Discover ways animals adapt to their environment to find food, escape predators, and survive winter!