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From the mixed spruce forest in the west end to the open grasslands and river banks in the east, the park offers over 150 access points to provide something for everyone.

The Friends of Fish Creek, together with the Alberta Real Estate Foundation, welcome new neighbours to the area with a free Friends of Fish Creek annual membership. This gives our new neighbours many ways to get involved with their park. See the full benefits of membership.

Welcome New Neighbours

New to Calgary and would like to visit the park?

If you live within or nearby one of the 18 communities that border Fish Creek Provincial Park, you have made an excellent home buying decision. You live next to one of the largest and most ecologically diverse urban parks in North America. As a neighbour, you will have access to informative and engaging programs right in your backyard. The Friends of Fish Creek offers:

  • Over 20 volunteer opportunities and educational courses.
  • A variety of annual events and presentations for you to enjoy. 
  • ReWilding through Restoration and Stewardship activities

If you live in the neighbourhood, we’d like to meet you. Call our office or send us an email at .

 Download full map of Fish Creek Provincial Park

As the majority of our park is located in a valley we are vulnerable. Here are a few tips you should know for being a good Fish Creek neighbour and protect the quality of the water in the creek :

Wash your car at a car wash not in your driveway, nor on the street.

Always scoop the poop. Be a responsible dog owner and keep E. coli out of the creek.

Dispose of “household hazardous wastes.” Such as oil and chemicals, at designated city depots, not at the landfill. Only rain down the drain!

Use sand instead of salt on your driveways and walkways in winter.

Sweep the sand back up and reuse it again a clever way to go green and save money! Sweep your driveway and pick up the debris. Don’t wash your garbage down the storm drain.

Minimize your use of fertilizers and pesticides. Grow naturally, it is better on the environment, your 
pets and your wallet!