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Vision Statement: A sustainable Fish Creek Provincial Park that improves the quality of life for present and future generations.

Mission Statement: To engage the community through activities and awareness to conserve a truly unique naturalized urban park. 

Between the time the park opened in 1975 until the early 1990s Calgary’s population had grown by more than 160%. As the city continued to grow, Fish Creek Provincial Park began to suffer the effects of increased use. In 1992, the park staff began collaborating with a small group of citizens at the Environmental Learning Centre at Shannon Terrace to raise awareness about preserving this park, and the Friends of Fish Creek was formed. The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society was established in 1992 and incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization in 1993. In the late 1990s, the Friends moved into our current location in the Cookhouse at the Bow Valley Ranch. Today, we work with park management, over 200 volunteers, over 800 members, sponsors, donors, and community organizations to deliver programs, courses, and events in the park. We deliver our programs within the spirit of the Cooperating Agreement as directed by our strategic plan and in support of the articles of the AEP mandate.

Why does the Friends operate in the park? Our ‘why’ is highlighted by our Vision statement, which describes our desired future state: A sustainable Fish Creek Provincial Park that improves the quality of life for present and future generations

How do we achieve this? Our Mission statement describes ‘how’ we go about addressing our vision: To engage the community through education and awareness to conserve a truly unique naturalized urban park

What is the outcome of our approach? We like to think of our ‘what’ as ‘an informed park user’. Community members come to the park to enjoy our programming and in doing so become further engaged in the park, becoming aware of the impacts of human activities both inside and outside of the park and changes in attitudes and actions that can help mitigate these impacts. While we are not an advocacy group, we can inspire and create change through providing information and creating awareness in those who visit and recreate along Fish Creek.

The Friends operate via a Cooperating Agreement with Alberta Environment and Parks. This agreement states that:
The Society shall cooperate and partner with Alberta Environment and Parks (“AEP”) to encourage appreciation of Alberta’s natural and cultural heritage including conservation, management, preservation, use and enjoyment. Subject to the Minister’s approval, the Society may support, develop, deliver, fund and/or sponsor educational and recreational activities, resource management and research programs and may charge the public for related goods and services.

The Society is not an employee, agent or contractor of the Minister and is an independent organization.