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The Friend’s 3rd annual Capture Nature Photo Contest was a huge success this year, with an increase in participation of 30% over previous years, lending itself to more people heading out to the park with camera in hand, experiencing the beauty of the surroundings and doing something they love. We are thrilled to have a new collection of beautiful park images which we will be able to use to help promote our education and stewardship work in Fish Creek Provincial Park.  Thank you to our contest sponsors, Vistek, and MEC, for helping to make this contest possible, and to our amazing and skilled volunteer Jurors who kept things organized throughout and who had the incredibly difficult job of choosing the winning photos. 

Here are our 2017 prize winners!

  • 1st Prize – Tony LePrieur (Great Horned Owls)
  • 2nd Prize – Ken Pride (Ring-billed gull)
  • 3rd Prize – Don Hladiuk (Settling pond sunrise)


  • Black & White – Karen Ratliffe  (Icicles)
  • Landscape – Mia Sparrow (Evening Storm at Sikome)
  • Macro – Karen Ratliffe (Ice crystals)
  • Wildlife – Maddy Misfeldt (Baby owl)

Adult (Amateur)

  • Black & White – William Pagie (Mallard Point bridge)
  • Landscape – Don Hladiuk (Settling pond sunrise)
  • Macro – Sheila Watson (Daisies)
  • Wildlife – Ken Pride (Ring-billed gull)

Adult (Professional)

  • Milena Vasquez – Bebo Grove pine cone

Thank you again to all of you and congratulations to our 2017 prize winners – we look forward to doing this all again next year!

For contest information or prize donation inquiries, contact Shana Barbour, Program Coordinator, at 403-238-3841 or