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Community and Corporate Support

The Friends of Fish Creek have worked closely with our partners in Alberta Environment and Parks for almost thirty years, as we pursue our shared vision of the long term sustainability of Fish Creek Provincial Park.  As a non-profit organization, it takes a great deal of community support to ensure we have the financial means to offer high quality, responsive programming that addresses the needs of our community and the park landscape itself.  If you share our vision and would like to be part of the preservation of this cherished landscape for future generations, we hope you will consider getting involved.

We invite you as an individual, your company, community group or organization to join the Friends’ family by supporting our work through becoming a Sponsor, Donor or by taking part in a Group Stewardship Experience.  More information on each of these options can be found below. Each of these opportunities bestows different benefits and levels of public recognition for your group, and we will work with you to help determine which supporter category best meets your needs.

All supporters are recognized in the following ways, regardless of the amount contributed:

  • Supporter name or logo on print materials of associated program/event and on-site at associated program/event
  • Recognition in Friends’ annual report
  • Verbal acknowledgement of support at program/event being supported

Become a Donor

Make a donation to your favourite program or event and help to cover costs associated with planning and execution, including the purchase of supplies and equipment, staff wages and costs associated with volunteer training and appreciation. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt. Consider an in-kind donation (ie product, merchandise or services) to our annual fundraiser silent auction, or make a tax-deductible financial contribution in support of our 2021 fundraising priorities listed below. 


Support Park Watch   
Park Watch is the Friends’ flagship program, and has been running for almost thirty years. Volunteer Park Watch Stewards tour the park to report sightings of vandalism, graffiti, unauthorized structures, invasive plants and other potential safety issues relating to wildlife sightings and unattended fire pits. This essential program helps ensure that the park visitor experience is a positive and safe one, and that concerns can be addressed in an efficient and timely manner.


Help with Truck Expenses    
In 2019, the Friends received one of the most significant donations we have ever received: a Dodge 5500 diesel truck that we are now able to use to facilitate the execution of our stewardship fieldwork. This vehicle allows us more control over when and where we complete our fieldwork. It also enables us to pick up supplies and equipment, and transport our watering equipment so we can provide the critical care and maintenance of our riparian restoration sites. This ongoing campaign will help support essential truck maintenance and operation costs (on average, $10,000 annually).


Donate to Capture Nature 
The Capture Nature Photography Contest was designed as a way to engage the public creatively and encourage frequent park visits, as participants try to capture the winning park image each year.  Exciting contest themes change on an annual basis and challenge participants to see the park in a new way. Photo submissions are voted on by the public and by our volunteer Jurors, who also coordinate the contest. Winning photographs are used as silent auction items at our annual fundraiser, and the sale of framed photos help to generate additional funds. Sponsorship and in-kind donations support the provision of exciting prizes that encourage people to take part and make for a successful contest.


Support Wellness     
Between June and August each year, the Friends’ Wellness program offers different opportunities to support the physical, emotional and spiritual health of park users. Through the expertise of individuals who instruct these offerings, we can engage the community in low-cost, outdoor recreation programming. Help support the well-being of the community by donating to or sponsoring this unique program in Fish Creek Provincial Park.


Donate towards Stewardship     
The Friends are involved in various different kinds of environmental stewardship work in Fish Creek, including invasive species management, riparian restoration, watershed stewardship public outreach and more. General stewardship donations support this critical work and cover ongoing costs that are not always addressed by project grants.


Support ReWilding     
ReWilding Through Restoration is a program that encourages the regeneration of natural ecosystems within Fish Creek Provincial Park. Many of the areas within the park suffer from the intensity of human use; this is particularly the case along the banks of Fish Creek. ReWilding Through Restoration involves the planting of poplar trees and other native vegetation along the banks of Fish Creek in areas that have become degraded by human activity. ReWilding serves to accelerate the natural processes along the creek, positively influencing the overall watershed health as vegetation quickly begins to grow and bring the system back into balance. Together, ReWilding is possible!


Become A Sponsor!

Program and Event Sponsorships help to provide a strong financial foundation for the Friends on an annual or multi-year basis. Your interests as a Sponsor, in addition to the level of financial support provided, will determine which of the following avenues of public recognition will be available to your group:

  • Supporter logo and link on Friends’ website
  • Article in Friends’ newsletter
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Logo on Friends’ supporter recognition board
  • Media release to announce sponsorship
  • Cheque presentation photo opportunity
  • Private park experience curated for your group and facilitated by the Friends

If you would like to consider becoming a Program or Event Sponsor, please complete the form below to start the conversation. Once we hear from you, we can begin working together to help determine your interests, priorities and the best option for your group.

Become a Sponsor

Group Stewardship Experiences

If your group is more interested in supporting the Friends through hands-on stewardship, this option may be the best fit for you.  Choose from half or full-day weed pull, tree wrapping or riparian restoration stewardship outings, which are facilitated by Friends’ staff. Or take part in a self-directed park clean up, for which we will provide the necessary supplies and equipment. Program fees for these experiences help cover the cost of supplies, equipment and staffing for these educational stewardship opportunities, which are designed to connect your group or organization to the park while you give back to your community.

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For more information about these or other ways to support the Friends of Fish Creek, please contact Shana Barbour, Social Enterprise & Stewardship Manager at, or at 587-317-7107.