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Fish Creek Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in the Fish Creek Ambassador program. The Friends of Fish Creek are pleased to announce that we have launched the new Fish Creek Ambassador program at the Bow Valley Ranch. Do you enjoy speaking with people and sharing your knowledge about Fish Creek? Would you like to help visitors maximize their enjoyment of this amazing park? Would you like to help support park conservation and sustainability? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you would be perfect for the new role of Fish Creek Ambassador. Please note that this is an indoor administrative volunteer role. Training will be provided through a pre-recorded video and then on the job training at your first shift. Each shift is about 3.5 hours, and there will always be two volunteers scheduled for each shift. All public health and safety procedures will be in place.

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Community Events & Outreach

Community Events & Outreach Volunteers represent the Friends of Fish Creek by engaging the public both outside and inside the park, with the goal of promoting our upcoming events and programs and heightening awareness about responsible park use.    

This is a great opportunity for friendly and outgoing volunteers who are familiar with the park and with the Friends. Responsibilities include helping to carry, set up and take down display materials, talking with the public about the Friends and our programs, offering flyers and possibly facilitating activities. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic and associated public health guidelines, we will be mobilizing volunteers to host weekly pop-up outreach stations at various locations across the park.  These stations with either be associated with a stewardship outing or at locations chosen based on Park Watch data.

Click here to view the Volunteer Job Description.

We invite experienced Friends of Fish Creek Volunteers to take part in the Community Events & Outreach Volunteer Training that takes place in spring each year.  

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Tour Guides and Tour Assistants

Due to COVID-19, our tour program has been postponed until further notice.  If you are interested in volunteering in the future, please review the information below.

The Friends of Fish Creek are excited to expand our existing suite of educational tours and are looking for volunteers with skills in public speaking, education and/or environmental science to act as Tour Guides. 

  • Volunteer Tour Guides learn about and lead tours on various fascinating topics related to the Fish Creek watershed, including the history of the park, beaver ecology, archaeology in the Fish Creek area and native and invasive plants.  And possibly even ghosts!  Click here to view the Tour Guide Volunteer Job Description.
  • Volunteer Assistants are also needed to act in a support role to our Guides, taking on simple tasks like participant registration, drop-in payments and a bit of group management while on tours.  It’s a great way to help out, get some exercise and learn about the park at the same time! Click here to view the Tour Assistant Volunteer Job Description.

Find out more about our Minibus Tours and Walking Tours.

Tour Assistant and Tour Guide Volunteer training sessions take place in spring each  year.  To receive information about the training session for these opportunities, create a volunteer account on MyImpact by clicking on the green button below and check off either “Tour Guide” or “Tour Assistant” in your list of Program Interests.  Please note that both positions require volunteers to obtain a current Police Information and Vulnerable Sector Check.


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Speaker Series Volunteers

The Fish Creek Speaker Series is returning to in-person presentations at the Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre, for the 2022/2023 program season. Presentations will be broadcast simultaneously to community members who prefer to tune in remotely over Zoom

Speaker Series Volunteers are critical in helping the Friends of Fish Creek achieve our mission of “engaging the public” by lending a hand with set up, registration and take down at our monthly Fish Creek Speaker Series and at other events throughout the year which take place at the Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre. Click here to view the Volunteer Job Description.

Once trained, volunteers sign up for which events suit their interests and schedules.

  • Speaker Series events typically take place on Thursday evenings (typically the 2nd Thursday of the month from September to June, except December)
  • Tasks include moving tables and chairs, setting up audiovisual equipment, registering guests, setting up and putting away refreshments and engaging the public at a Friends of Fish Creek table.

We are actively recruiting Volunteers for this program at this time. Training will take place on September 15th and additional training can be provided at each FCSS event.

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Park Watch Stewardship

The Friends’ Park Watch Stewardship Program has been in existence since 2001, and since then, Volunteer Stewards have actively taken on the role of helping to foster a safe, beautiful and enjoyable natural environment for park users of all kinds. 

Park Watch Stewards provide a visible presence that encourages responsible park use while providing user education and the reporting of important observations via a new mobile Park Watch app to Fish Creek Provincial Park staff and the Friends. Providing assistance and information to park visitors, especially those who may be new to Fish Creek or the city, is one of the most rewarding ways to create awareness and encourage environmental stewardship. Click here to view the Park Watch Steward Volunteer Job Description.

Park Watch Steward Training takes place in spring each year. Please note that Stewards volunteer in teams of two; if you’d like to get involved, consider recruiting a family member or friend to join you – or we can pair you up with a new friend! First year Stewards are also required to obtain a current Police Information and Vulnerable Sector Check.

To receive information about the volunteer training for this opportunity, create a volunteer account on MyVolunteerPage by clicking on the green button below and check off “Park Watch” in your list of Program Interests. 

If you’d like more information about this program, please contact Kumiko Kamiike, Visitor Services Coordinator, at or call the office at 403-238-3841, ext. 7.

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Wellness Program

Over the years, the Friends’ Wellness Program has featured yoga and meditation sessions, bungy pump walking, running clinics, forest bathing workshops, plein air painting classes and more as means of supporting community members’ physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellness. There is something magical and healing about shared experiences while being surrounded by the beauty and serenity of Fish Creek Provincial Park.

In the fall of 2022, we will be reactivating the Good Grief program as an effort to support those in our community who are experiencing loss and/or going through major life transitions. In order to run this wellness program, we are looking to recruit 4-6 Volunteer Companions to get trained and attend each of the six program outings. Please note that current Police Information and Vulnerable Sector Checks are required for first-year Wellness Program volunteers.

  • Good Grief Companion – Volunteers take on the role of Companions in our Good Grief: Nature Walking Through Grief and Loss program. Companions greet program participants, introduce the topic and walk each week, read a poem or short story to the group, walk alongside people who are moving through significant transitions in life and who can benefit from the healing that nature and this shared experience can bring. This six-week walking program will run from October 26 to November 30 (Dec 7 reserved in case of cancellation of a previous outing due to severe weather).  Click here to view the Good Grief Companion Job Description. Interested volunteers are asked to sign up in MyImpactPage. If you cannot see the shifts, please email

If you are interested in learning more about Good Grief, please contact Kumiko Kamiike at 403-238-3841 extension 7.

Photo Credit: Stan Kwasniowski