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Community Outreach & Special Events

We are looking for volunteers to assist at a Friends of Fish Creek display at special events outside of the park where we regularly promote our upcoming events and programs to the wider community and engage the public about watershed stewardship.    

This is a great opportunity for friendly and outgoing volunteers who are familiar with the Friends of Fish Creek. Responsibilities include helping to carry, set up and take down display materials, talking with the public about the Friends and our programs, offering flyers and possibly facilitating our Walk in the Watershed game with families that come by.

We are actively recruiting for Community Outreach & Special Event volunteers!  For more information, please contact Katie at katie@friendsoffishcreek.org or call 403-238-3841.

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Tour Guides and Tour Assistants

The Friends of Fish Creek are excited to expand our existing suite of educational tours and are looking for volunteers with skills in public speaking, education and/or environmental science to act as Tour Guides in 2019.  As a Guide, you will have the opportunity to learn about and lead tours on various fascinating topics related to the Fish Creek watershed, including the history of the park, beaver ecology, archaeology in the Fish Creek area and native and invasive plants.  And possibly even ghosts!  We offer both walking and minibus tours.

If you would rather stay out of the spotlight but would still like to help with our tour program, consider volunteering as a Tour Assistant!  Volunteers are needed to act in a support role to our Guides, taking on simple tasks like participant registration, drop-in payments and a bit of group management while on tours.  It’s a great way to help out, get some exercise and learn about the park at the same time! 

Find out more about our Minibus and Walking Tours!

We are actively recruiting for both Tour Assistant and Tour Guide positions!  If you’re interested in hearing more about these opportunities, please contact Shana Barbour, Program Coordinator, at shana@friendsoffishcreek.org or at 403-238-3841. 

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Speaker Series Volunteers

Speaker Series Volunteers are critical in helping the Friends of Fish Creek achieve our mission of “engaging the public” by lending a hand with set up, registration and take down at our Fish Creek Speaker Series and at other events throughout the year which take place at the Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre. 

Once trained, volunteers sign up for which events suit their interests and schedules.

  • Speaker Series events typically take place on Thursday evenings (Sept to June, except Nov/Dec) and tasks include moving tables and chairs, setting up and audiovisual equipment, registering guests, setting up and putting away refreshments.

We are fortunate to have a full slate of committed Speaker Series Volunteers, so we are not recruiting volunteers for this program at this time.  We encourage you to continue browsing the volunteer opportunities on our website to find something else that interests you.

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Creekfest 2019: Your Local Parks Day Event!

Creekfest is the Friends’ annual celebration of healthy watersheds; it provides park visitors with opportunities to connect and learn about important issues from various partner organizations and performers, and through hands-on, fun filled family-focused activities.  Creekfest also offers us the opportunity to work closely with our partners in Alberta Environment and Parks to ensure that a local Parks Day event is accessible to residents in or near the City of Calgary.

This is a free event and fun for the whole family!

Creekfest will be held in mid-July at the Bow Valley Ranch – stay tuned for more details on the date, time and exciting plans for our 2019 event!

We are actively recruiting for Creekfest volunteers! Events like these take many hands to bring them to life, and a variety of volunteer opportunities will once again be available.  More event details and information will be announced later this year, but if you’d like to know more, please contact Katie at katie@friendsoffishcreek.org

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Park Watch Stewardship

Park Watch Stewards are the eyes and ears of Fish Creek Provincial Park!  

The Friends’ Park Watch Program has been in existence since 2001, and since then, volunteer Stewards have actively taken on the role of helping to maintain a safe and beautiful enjoyable natural environment for park users of all kinds. 

Park Watch Stewards provide a visible presence that encourages responsible park use while providing user education and the reporting of important observations to Fish Creek Provincial Park staff and the Friends.  Providing assistance and information to park visitors, especially those who may be new to Fish Creek or the city, is one of the most rewarding ways to create awareness and encourage environmental stewardship.

Park Watch Stewards play a vital role in the park and to the greater community; if you love spending time in Fish Creek Provincial Park or need a good reason to do so, this volunteer opportunity may be for you!  We are actively recruiting for Park Watch in 2019!  Please note that Stewards volunteer in teams of two; if you’d like to get involved, consider recruiting a family member or friend to join you (or we can pair you up with a new friend!)

If you’d like more information about this program, please contact Shana Barbour, Program Coordinator, at shana@friendsoffishcreek.org or call the office at 403-238-3841.

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Wellness in the Park

Relax and unwind in Fish Creek Provincial Park while you volunteer!

We are excited to continue offering outdoor yoga, Spring Forest Qi Gong, and meditation this year as part of our efforts to promote health and a connection to the outdoors through our Wellness Program.  We are actively recruiting volunteers for our Wellness Program in 2019, in two different roles; volunteers can choose to take on either role or both:

  • Wellness Program Assistant – these volunteers support our Wellness instructors by managing participant sign in and payment, and connecting with the public about the different programs and events offered by the Friends.  As a Wellness Assistant, volunteers also receive the added benefit of being able to participate in some sessions at no cost!  These sessions run between June and September. 
  • Good Grief Companion –  in 2017, the Friends launched our newest addition to our Wellness Program, called Good Grief: Nature Walking Through Grief and Loss.  In this program, volunteers take on the role of Companions, walking alongside people who are moving through significant transitions in life and who can benefit from the healing that nature and this shared experience can bring. This eight-week walking program will happen in May and September.

Volunteer inquiries can be directed to Shana Barbour, Program Coordinator, at shana@friendsoffishcreek.org,  or you can simply click on the button below to create your volunteer account.  If you are interested in volunteering as a Wellness Program Instructor, please contact Shana directly.

Find out more about our Wellness Program here.

Photo Credit: Ronnel Chua