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Celebrating Thirty Years, 1992 – 2022

For thirty years now the Friends have been dedicated to the protection and preservation of this park and have spearheaded volunteer programs and educational activities to engage community members and support park conservation. To celebrate our 30th Anniversary this year we will be planting thirty poplar trees in the park and are excited to invite you to support our work, and leave a long-lasting legacy in Fish Creek.

Balsam poplars (populus balsamifera) constitute the majority of Fish Creek’s forest, especially at the east end of the park, and throughout the riparian areas along the creek. However, our poplar forest is generally a same-aged cohort of trees that is nearing end of life, and is not naturally regenerating in some areas the way we would like. To address these issues, we began planting trees in 2017, to give natural processes a bit of a helping hand by planting different ages of trees that will eventually replace those that are dead or dying.

To commemorate this important milestone for our small but far-reaching non-profit, 35 native balsam poplars were planted within the 30th Anniversary Poplar Grove, at the far west end of the Stream Changes trail near the Bow Valley Ranch.

Each 30th Anniversary donation included:

  • An invitation to take part in the tree planting day on September 17, with Friends of Fish Creek staff
  • A tax receipt for $475
  • The opportunity to purchase a limited edition art print of the 30th Anniversary Poplar Grove, created by local artist, Cori Imbery, so donors have a little piece of the park in their own homes

The Grove will be monitored and maintained until fall 2025, by trained Friends’ volunteers, so that any damage to individual trees or the site in general can be addressed. After that time, nature will take its course, and we trust that the grove will thrive on its own and continue to represent the love that so many have for Fish Creek. Donors will not own a specific tree, and no memorialization/decoration of the trees or grove will be permitted. All donations made to this project directly support our ongoing education and conservation initiatives, and will go a long way to supporting the continuation of our work into the future.

Thank You all 30th Anniversary Dedication Tree Project Donors:

  • Niels and Marion Andreasen 
  • Bob and Marie Bakker
  • Alan Barrett
  • Robert Bowman
  • Wendy and Alex Campbell
  • Ron and Karen Chow
  • Monique Dagenais
  • In Memory of Florence Deshayes – from Ron, Shawn and Nadine
  • Kari Horn
  • George McBride
  • Susan McWilliams
  • Bruce and Diana Mitchell
  • Elizabeth La and Kellen Molsberry
  • Bob and Louise Morrin
  • Brian Moule
  • Larry and Marilyn Patterson
  • Patricia Prevey
  • Dave Reid
  • Colleen Renchko, Martin Scanlon and family
  • Karen and Robert Sloan-Beitzel – In Memory of William J. Beitzel
  • Joan and David Tetrault
  • Claudia Tiefisher
  • Teresa Zajac

For more information please contact chris@friendsoffishcreek.org 

Photo, Stan Kwasniowski