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Although some events, programs and volunteer opportunities may be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still working behind-the-scenes to plan our program season so that we can continue with the great momentum we are experiencing this year and be prepared to run our programs when it is determined safe to do so.  Please feel free to sign up for volunteer opportunities as they are posted in MyImpact and keep an eye on your email in case volunteer shifts need to be cancelled.

What you need to know about volunteering with the Friends…

The Friends of Fish Creek run a lean operation. With a small staff team and a modest operational budget, we are grateful to our Volunteers who carry out activities in the park nearly every day of the year – over 700 volunteer activities took place from March 2019 to March 2020! 

Because of the diverse contributions of people like you that dedicate their time and energy to Fish Creek each year, staff are able to focus on the coordination of over 30 ongoing programs and annual events.  It is precisely because of our volunteers that we are able to connect with over 10,000 people each year!   Below you will find some helpful info about volunteering with the Friends of Fish Creek:

All Volunteers must read the Friends of Fish Creek Volunteer Handbook

  • In the Volunteer Handbook you can find:
    • interesting info about the Friends of Fish Creek and the history of Fish Creek Provincial Park
    • “Frequently Asked Questions” explaining activities that are allowed and prohibited in Fish Creek Provincial Park
    • 16 Safe Work Practice documents, which provide safety tips and specifics on how to avoid hazards when conducting various types of work, including risk reduction strategies for working during a public health emergency or pandemic such as COVID-19

All Volunteers must complete a Friends of Fish Creek Volunteer Agreement.

  • The Friends of Fish Creek Volunteer Agreement:
    • is valid for the duration of your ongoing involvement,
    • must be completed and signed in hard copy, which we then scan and upload to your MyImpact profile,
    • contains a clause regarding confidentiality of any info or data you encounter while volunteering,
    • acknowledges that our Volunteers are covered as “workers” under our Workers’ Compensation Board policy,
    • acts as a photo release so we may use photos of you in action for organizational purposes,
    • stipulates that Volunteers will follow code of conduct and safety instructions as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook

All Volunteers must use MyImpactPage.

  • MyImpactPage is the online system we use to recruit, coordinate and organize volunteers.
  • Tips for using MyImpactPage:
    • Review the info in your profile annually and verify/update your contact info, emergency contact person info, as well as any relevant medical conditions and food allergies.
    • Update your list of Program Interests so that you receive email notifications for programs in which you are interested.
    • We welcome you to consider uploading a photo of yourself to your profile.  Staff will see this on our end and it’s a great way for us to learn to recognize our new Volunteers.
    • Set your preferred Privacy Settings; this determines how you appear to other Volunteers in the list of people signed up for a specific task.  The default is set to “Anonymous”, but you may set it to show you first name, or your first name and last name or your first name and your photo.
    • If you volunteer with another organization that uses this software, you can merge your profiles together so that you’ll be sure to not double-book yourself!
    • If you would like to receive email reminders of upcoming volunteer shifts, please subscribe to email reminders in your profile.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Friends of Fish Creek.  We look forward to working with you!