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Learning Naturally Needs Your Support!

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For many of the K – 6 students who experience Fish Creek Provincial Park through the TD Learning Naturally program, their field trip is their first visit to this park. Were it not for TD Learning Naturally, they may not have the opportunity to explore and learn about this cherished natural area.

Through the TD Learning Naturally Program in Fish Creek Provincial Park, students learn about the wonders of the natural world and the importance of environmental conservation through programs like Insect Intrigue, Wildlife Cycles, Plant Communities, Wetlands, Tree Tales, the Fish Creek Family, Fish Creek Land Histories and Stories and more.

The Friends of Fish Creek need your support in helping this program continue. Each programming day costs approx. $500 and enables 50 kids to learn about nature in Fish Creek Provincial Park. Please consider making a donation to enrich the life of a young person who otherwise might not have been afforded this opportunity. 100% of your generous donation will go directly to funding Learning Naturally and encouraging environmental stewardship in the next generation. You will receive a valuable tax receipt for your donation. 

Quotes from students in the TD Learning Naturally program – 

  • Grade 4 student: “Miss Kaylee! We have found so many animal tracks and habitat! Look, another habitat!” 
  • Grade 3 student: “Miss Kaylee, you have the best job! You get to be surrounded by this beautiful nature every single day!”
  • Grade 2 student: “These trees are so beautiful!”
  • Kindergarten student: “This was the best day of my whole life!”
  • Grade 1 students: “Can we come back tomorrow? Can we live here? I want to stay here forever!”

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