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Riparian Restoration – October 15 and 16

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The Friends’ Riparian Stewardship Program is part of our larger, overarching Watershed Stewardship Project that provides a wide range of opportunities for people to lend a hand in the care of Fish Creek Provincial Park.  ReWilding supports the overall health and functioning of the watershed while contributing to increased resiliency and flood mitigation. 
Volunteers are needed each year to take on the role of Riparian Steward; this role entails a variety of tasks that may include native tree and shrub planting, general digging and site preparation, spreading mulch and native seeds and installing temporary fencing.  Site monitoring, watering and maintenance throughout the season may also be involved in this role.  Click here to view Volunteer Job Description.
We are currently seeking volunteers to help us complete our 2019 Riparian Restoration Project on October 15 & October 16.
Advance registration required.  Click here to sign up.
For more information on our Riparian Stewardship Program or questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact Katie Bakken, Program Coordinator, at katie@friendsoffishcreek.org or call our office at 403-238-3841.

*A Riparian area is the area of vegetated land next to a water resource which provides numerous essential ecological services.  Acting as a natural buffer, it protects water from negative impacts associated with pollution, provides shoreline stability to prevent erosion, protects water quality and offers a movement corridor and wildlife habitat to the rich diversity of species who use it for parts or all of their life cycle.  At times, however, these areas can become so impacted by human activity that they lose their ability to provide these services, and the “health” of  the riparian area becomes compromised.  To learn more, visit the Cows and Fish Website.

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October 15, 2019 @ 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Cost: Free