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Fish Creek Provincial Park – Now More Than Ever Before! 

The Friends of Fish Creek 2020 Annual Report

The theme of this year’s annual report, Fish Creek Provincial Park – Now More Than Ever Before! has three unique but interconnected meanings. Primarily, Fish Creek Provincial Park has always been a cherished green space for community members, but since the start of the pandemic last March the park has become an even more important place for community members to unwind, reconnect with nature and reconnect with each other. More so than at any other time in the park’s almost fifty year history, the priceless value of this area for community members’ physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness has become evident.

The second meaning of the theme is that Fish Creek Provincial Park is also experiencing more daily visitors than it ever has in the past. Because many community members are unemployed or under employed, or working from home and not taking vacations due to the pandemic, visitor usage of Fish Creek has grown significantly. Fish Creek is open and remains an essential resource for community members. The Friends continue to strengthen our message of environmental conservation by addressing issues, developing and adapting programs, and exploring new ways to communicate with the community and park management.

The third level of meaning of this report’s theme is that in 2020, the Friends of Fish Creek have increased our operations and enhanced partnerships with Alberta Parks and community groups, in more significant and meaningful ways than at any other time since we began in 1992. More information on these subjects can be found below. The format of this report has also changed, and it is is now fully online. This online format is not only functional, but is also symbolic of how much the pandemic drove us all into the online world to stay connected as we move on through these difficult and challenging times. 

The Friends of Fish Creek mission is to engage the community through activities and awareness to conserve a truly unique naturalized urban park.

Our vision is a sustainable Fish Creek Provincial Park that improves the quality of life for present and future generations. 

Executive Director’s Report:

The Story of the EPP

Nic Blanchet, Executive Director
Friends of Fish Creek

I began working in the nonprofit sector in Canada twenty years ago, it was not long before I recognized the competence and capability of the volunteers and staff in the organizations I worked with. It occurred to me early on that if we could figure out a way to better leverage this and overcome the capacity limitations, the nonprofit sector could provide even more benefit to the community.

I have spent many years working alongside the Government of Alberta in various roles in environmental nonprofits and understand how it functions, its strengths and weaknesses and where there were gaps that the non-profit sector could help fill if only there was a way to increase capacity to deliver more programming in a cooperative manner.

My assertion was that due to the innate efficiency of the sector and the competence and community specific knowledge that nonprofit organizations have they could contribute more to society in a more cost effective and community enhancing framework than the current model allowed.

My time at the Friends has helped me to consolidate these ideas, this would not have been possible without the trust and confidence allowed me by parks’ staff that would entertain my ideas and be willing to discuss potential ways to fill the gaps. We agreed on how much there was to be done, especially in the areas of ecology and conservation but also in better supporting visitors to the park.

I was fortunate enough to be provided the opportunity to pitch my collected ideas to a local MLA and party leader and was encouraged to follow up with a formal proposal, fortunately this proposal was accepted and included in the platform commitments of the current government.

After eighteen months of discussions, brainstorming, and negotiations Board Chair Bob Morrin, Alberta Parks staff and I were able to create the Enhanced Partnership Pilot (EPP) and the Government of Alberta showed their confidence in the Friends and our volunteers by supporting the EPP with a grant of $480,000 over three years.

Sep 15

Dignitaries assembled at the Cookhouse on September 15 for the announcement of the EPP funding, including MLA Whitney Issik – Calgary-Glenmore, MLA Richard Gotfried – Calgary Fish Creek, Premier Jason Kenney, Minister of Environment and Parks – Jason Nixon, Larry Wasyliw – Bow Valley Ranche Historical Society, Minister of Labour and Immigration – Jason Copping, Minister of Children’s Services – Rebecca Schulz, Nic Blanchet – Friends of Fish Creek, and MLA Tanya Fir – Calgary-Peigan.

The idea of the EPP is to increase the capacity of the Friends to do the essential work in the park where we need to do more, to explore ways for us to fill the gaps in the services Parks provides, and devise a new roadmap for cooperating societies, communities, and government to be more effective at achieving our goals. We receive a great deal of feedback from our volunteers, community and park visitors and have built in many of the major themes from these communications into the EPP concept to guide us in doing a better job of supporting the park community.

It has been a long time since there has been a focused and concerted effort to manage the natural environment in the park so there is a great deal of work to be done. As the Friends is a nonprofit organization supported by many skilled and enthusiastic volunteers, we can address many of the issues faced by the park in a more efficient and appropriate manner than can be achieved by a large government department. The EPP is intended to explore this concept and gain some useful data on approaching work in the park from a community driven perspective.

The grant we received for the EPP has allowed us to hire more staff so that we can coordinate more programs, train more volunteers and do more of the essential work we are already doing. It will allow us to tackle the issue of invasive species and riparian restoration with more options and more resources, and to have ambassadors in the Visitor Centre so that it can once again be a focal point for information, and visitor support. The EPP creates the potential for more focused methods of communicating what we learn from our volunteers and park users to decision makers, it allows us to investigate ways to share media platforms and messaging with Parks, take a bigger role in education programs and explore ways to make our relationship with Parks more effective and efficient and to formalize what we learn so that it may support other Friends groups in Alberta.

The EPP is a milestone in the history of the Friends and underscores the trust and respect Alberta Parks has for us and our volunteers. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to highlight what we are capable of, and to build on our past achievements and work towards being able to contribute even more to the park and its community.

Board Chair’s Report: 

Engaging the Fish Creek Community Through a Global Pandemic and Into the Future

Bob Morrin, Board of Directors Chair
Friends of Fish Creek

It seems like an eternity since a Public Health Emergency was declared in Alberta on March 17, 2020 due to Covid-19. We have all had to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances as the impact of the virus and the evidence of the associated risks have evolved. The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park has also needed to adapt to be able to comply with the Alberta Provincial directives, to ensure the safety of our members, volunteers, program participants and staff. In support of our mission to engage the community through activities and awareness to conserve a truly unique naturalized urban park, we provide a number of programs. Every one of these programs has been impacted by the pandemic. 

Tree WrappingHosting indoor programs was no longer permitted and presentations were delivered online. When we could offer outdoor group activities they were limited to 10 people. We adapted some of the stewardship activities to accommodate people from single family households and individuals. Our staff, volunteer program leaders and instructors, and participants continuously adapt our programs through open communication, with a focus on safety for all and compliance with the public health orders. The Friends have learned new strategies for adapting our programs in the interest of public health and safety during the pandemic and I expect into the future in a post pandemic world.

Pictured here, Tree Wrapping volunteers on September 11.

I am proud of the Friends staff and volunteers and their proactive planning and delivery of our programs. An example of this was told to me by David Mitchell shortly after the province allowed outdoor activities for groups of 10 or less. One of our Birding course groups was approached by a Bylaw Officer to further assess the situation of the group gathering. The instructor was able to provide the Bylaw Officer with a letter from Alberta Health Services (AHS) that described the safeguards and approach that the Friends had undertaken for the Birding sessions to be following provincial pandemic requirements and that the activity was sanctioned by AHS. Well Done.

Thank you to the staff, volunteers, program leaders and instructors and program participants. You have all helped to make the Friends stronger, more resilient and more capable to deliver on our mission and engaging community members in this amazing park.

Alberta Parks Liaison Report

Jennell Rempel, Community & Partner Relations Team Lead,
Environment and Parks, Parks Operations Division

Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of this past year; a remarkable one for many reasons. From navigating program and volunteer options during the Covid-19 pandemic, to establishing a new pilot grant program that further enables the work of the Friends, Alberta Parks celebrates a partnership that has grown so much over this past year. The Friends continue to be leaders in the mobilization of volunteers, leveraging of fundraising dollars, community building, and conservation stewardship in Fish Creek Provincial Park. This year we have focused on creating a strong foundation that will support program and service expansion throughout all areas of the work of the Friends. As we continue to see increased visitation to Fish Creek, the impact and value the Friends brings also grows. Thank you to the Friends of Fish Creek staff and dedicated volunteers for all of your efforts in 2020-2021, and I look forward to working with you as we continue to grow together.

2020 By the Numbers, January 1 – December 31

Statistics – Community Engagement Activities

  • 319 Individual volunteers
  • +6,910 Volunteer hours
  • 523 Program Days – including volunteer sessions
  • 1,224 Program participants
  • 3,506 Community members engaged
  • 10 Community partners

Community Event Photos 2020


Beaver Awareness Day on October 3, Marshall Springs. Photo: The Friends

Bungy Pump

Bungy Pump Course, July 9. Photo: Ward Sanderson

Creekfest - Reimagined!

Creekfest – Reimagined! Pop Up Event at the BVR on July 18. Photo: Ward Sanderson

Statistics – Conservation and Stewardship Activities

  • 242 Bags of litter removed from the park
  • 701 kg of invasive plants removed from the park
  • 566 Trees wrapped and 71 trees unwrapped
  • 171 Trees and 94 shrubs planted
  • 1,487 Trees and shrubs mapped and monitored
  • 365 Transplanted willow stakes
  • 165 m of Streambank restored
  • 1,200 m of Streambank assessed

Restoration Photos – 2020 Season

Willow Staking

Willow Staking October 7. Photo: Alan Lam

Restoration Site Prep

Restoration Site Prep, August 19. Photo: The Friends

Willow Harvesting

Willow Harvesting, October 5. Photo: The Friends

TD Learning Naturally

The TD Learning Naturally Program continued to offer valuable learning experiences in Fish Creek for a range of classes that otherwise may not have had an opportunity to experience a provincial park at all. This is one of the many benefits of this program. Through the hard work of Kaylee Hope, Learning Naturally Coordinator, ongoing funding from TD and support from Alberta Parks the program continues to be a great example of how we can engage youth with the natural world. Due to the restrictions created by the Covid-19 pandemic, programs were halted in February 2020. Work is ongoing to support Learning Naturally eligible schools and we look forward to a full resumption of programs when public health conditions allow.

The names of the programs offered from December to March are Winter Wonder, Animals and Winter, Fish Creek Families, Wildlife Cycles, Fish Creek: Land, Histories & Stories and Orienteering. In December 2019 there were 12 Program Days, which were enjoyed by 451 students, 24 teachers and 88 volunteers. There were no program days in January or February 2020. Although the TD Learning Naturally program shut down on March 13 due to Covid-19, prior to that there were 5 program days, which involved 193 students, 10 teachers and 41 volunteers.

Information provided by:
Roland Kirzinger, Formal and Environmental Education Coordinator, Alberta Environment and Parks – East Kananaskis Management Area

Kaylee Hope, TD Learning Naturally Coordinator, Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society



2020 Volunteer of the Year Award Winners

  • Denise Hiebert – the Bill Hiebert Inspiration Award
  • Josh Gibbs – Steward in Action
  • Bev Lane – Behind the Scenes
  • Esther Wiebe – Behind the Scenes
  • Margaret Moule – New & Noteworthy
  • Divya Singh – Community Champion
  • Benjamin Baragar – IT Support
  • David Mitchell – Staff Choice Birding
  • David Arnott – Staff Choice
  • Bruce Mitchell – Staff Choice

Bruce and David installing the final phase of the 25th Anniversary Brick Pathway.

Sara Alaica,   John & Lorrie Anderson,   Bob Andrew,   Daniel Arndt,   Christina Arnold,   Anna Aubrecht,   Rebecca Auriti,   Bob & Marie Bakker,   Cathy Balogh-Mar,   Don Barrington,   Morris Baskett,   Renee Beaton,   Jo-Anne Bechtel,   Robb,   Valeri & Jason Bell,   Angela Bentley,   Monique Bhullar,   Gabor Biro,   Kingsley Blades,   Stephen Boucher,   Fred Bowen,   Bob Bowman,   David Breckon,   Christine Brodsky-Ingham,   Robert & Teresa Brown,   Ron Burr,   Emilie Caldwell,   Joe & Toni Cavar,   Natalie Chan,   Karen Chrapko,   Agnes Chrzanowska,   Trevor Churchill,   Em Clark,   Stephanie Cormier,   Sydney Corry-Rankin,   Biance Dang,   Sergio De Paoli,   Alex Deaconu,   Rick Delamont,   Ron Deshayes,   Jesse Dias,   Bernie Diebolt,   Marie Donohue,   Brandon Eberle,   Ted Edward,   Aaron Eugenio,   Josh Evans,   Jennifer Faulks,   Kris Fernet,   Cherrith Figiel,   Jackie Figiel,   Wlad Franco-Valias,   Darla Frank,   Donna Franke,   Laura Frost,   Joe Gerritsen,   Elizabeth Gershkovich,   Janet Gill,   Virginia Gold,   Gail Goldsmith,   Stephen Grannary,   Phil Greer,   Neil Groeneveld

Creekfest - ReimaginedCarole Hachey,   Alex Hamilton,   Emily Hart,   Don & Marianne Hladiuk,   El Hobson,   Patrick Hogan,   Kari Horn,   Nosheen Hotaki,   Peter Hoyer,   Lynne Hulse,   Nadine Hussein,   Mike Ingham,   Lindsay Kaing,   Kumiko and Tomofumi Kamiike,   Jason Kang,   Tom Kelly,   Chalise Kemp,   Keely & Pam Kobluk,   Anna Kucharski,   Vivek Kumar,   Beth Laing,   Dorothy Laing,   Olivia Laing,   Alan Lam,   Dermot Lane,   Bob Lefebvre,   Bob & Dianne Leonhardt,   Trish Lequier,   Terryn Levine,   Erik Lutsch,   Diane Lyders,   Morgan Mackie,   Shelley MacLellan,   Coleen Mahoney,   Lori Mainland,   Deanna Markle,   Natalie Masuda,   Toni Matthews,   Doug Maxwell,   Michael McCreadie,   Jaime McDonald,   Vikki McGuire,   Gavin McKinnon,   Leah McMullen,   Chris & Linda Meade,   Wayne Meikle,   Bob Morrin,   Marianne Navas,   Annette Ng,   Wendy Nickson,   Emma Norris,   Sydney Ogrodiuk,   Edmund Olivier,   Ron Ostrander,   Jasmine Parhar,   Naomi Parker,   Ellen Story Pegg,   Hannah Penner,   Stephen Phelps,   Darren Price,   Melanie Price,   Ashley Pudo

David Reid at Creekfest – Reimagined


Pick Up the Park Day, June 20

Ryan Quan,   Traelyn Rachar,   Bryan Radies,   Kim Radies,   Catherine Ranger,   Rose, Will, Karen & Michael Ratliffe,   Colby Regel,   Dave Reid,   Ian Richardson,   Joyce Ritsco,   Lynda Rive,   Rick Robb,   Lauren Roberts,   Merissa Robinet,   Dave Russum,   Karen Salamandick,   Ward Sanderson,   Himanshu & Smita Sangale,   Julia Schneider,   Rick Schulze,   Stewart Scott,   Heather Scrimgeour,   Kathy & Paul Seaman,   Roxanne Selkirk,   Heather Setka,   Duncan Shipley,   Nikola Sikolova,   Stuart Simpson & Jean Channon-Simpson,   Bill Skinner,   Doreen Smale,   Jennifer Solem,   Liz Soria,   Marina Spahlinger,   Angel Spasoff,   Christina Steed,   Carole Steeves,   John Stegeman,   Diane Stinson,   Emma Stroud,   James Stroud,   Maddie Summers,   Thomas Sun,   Kevin Tanasichuk,   Dwayne Thomas,   John Thompson,   Lorna Thompson,   Michelle Tran,   Lesley Turner,   Robert Valvasori,   Angela & Marco van Son,   Doug Van Staalduine,   Leao Vermeylen,   Henry Villanueva,   Wayne & Joan Walker,   Nadja Werries,   Lenka Wieczorek,   Lynn Wilsack,   Robert Worona,   Tammy Yee,   Diana Young,   Dominika Young,   Cindy Yu,   Syl Zacher

Pick Up the Park Day, June 20.


Thank You 2020 Donors

Bobcat, photo courtesy of Serena Caffrey


Thank you to all of the individuals an organizations who helped make 2020 the most incredible year for personal donations. Thanks to you we raised over $152,000 in donations, including in kind support and anonymous donors.

Bobcat Level $25,000 – $49,999

In-Line Pigging Solutions

Deer Level $5,000 – $24,999

Gordon Blotsky,   William Davis,   Mark Farris,   Jill Hajduk,   Subhash Katyal,   Cal & Julie Morstad,   Mark Smith,   Kay Taylor

Beaver Level $1000 – $4,999

Beaver, Photo courtesy of Maddy MisfeldtRick & Elaine Barnes,   Nigel DaBreo,   Agnieszka Galica-DaBreo,   Ryszard Galica,   Sylvia Galica-Casuncad,  Gerald Halford,   Peter Hoyer,   Kathie Landry,   Radion Misiuk,   David Mitchell,   Rose & William Ratliffe,   Scott Sarjeant,   First Calgary,   The EON Foundation,   The Hindle Family Foundation

Aspen Level  $500 – $749

Wendy Aitchison,   Ravishankar Bale,   Robert Bell,   Robert Bowman,   Tanya Connelly,   Brent Goheen,   Mary Melton,   Willa Miniely,   Stephen Phelps,   Dayna Schuster,   Saj Shapiro,   Carole Steeves & Joe Klassen,   Katharina Stutz,   Tammy Towers-Bright,   Wayne & Joan Walker,    Campbell Stone United Church,   FLC Seniors Cycling Club,   FLC Seniors Outdoor Club

Spruce Level $750 – $999

Doug Maxwell,   Elizabeth Soria

Birch Level $100 – $499

Deb Alfawicki,   Lindsay Amadio,   Lorrie Anderson,   Tracy Anderson & Alan Harvie,   Bob Andrew,   James Anton,   Christina Arnold,   Katie Bakken,   Alan Barrett,   Andrew Bellavie,   Diana Benson,   Derek Boivin,   Doreen Brazel,   Robert Brown,   Tracy Byrne,   Wendy Campbell,   Margaret Camwell,   Valmai Carter,   Tomson Chan,   Tara Clayton,   Sheila Clendining,   Ann Clipstone,   Lorna Coglon,   Kim Cole,   Debbie Cole-Gauer,   Joan Collins,   Peter Comfort,   Mary & Robert Cook,   Lynda Corkum,   Sharron Cross,   Reg Curran,   Donna David,   Sandra Davis,   Bryon Delarue,   Ron Deshayes,   William & Elizabeth Dittmer,   Allan Donsky,   Amberly Dooley,   Deanna Downton,   Craig Drebit,   Cheryl Ego,   Shawn Exner,   Kari Fairman,   Jessica Fallis,   Debra Fettig,   Bertha Ann Fisher,   Lara Fitzpatrick,   Giovanna Franceschin, Wlad Franco-Valias,   Laura Frost

Gail Goldsmith,   Lili Goncalves,   Brenda Graham,   Neil & Sharon Groeneveld,   Lynn Hammerlindl,   Frank & Jan Henderson,   Terrace Hergott,   Dorothy Hill,   Rob Hoffman,   Harold Hovdebo,   Andrea Hull,   Marcie Jensen,   Annette Jerse,   Kim Johnson,   Barrie Johnson,   Murray Karn,   Aaron Keobke,   Bernard Kohrs,   Michelle Kromplak & Michael Sine,   Chris Lalonde,   Sunny Li,   Richard Link,   Kathy Livingstone,   Maureen Luchsinger,   Patricia Newson,   Chris Machnee,   Lloyd & Earlene Manz,   Annemarie Mayer,   Andrew Mcauley,   George McBride,   John & Susan McWilliams,   David & Michelle Mueller,   Cal & Colleen Nagel,   Helen & Larry Newel,   Max Ortiz-Aguilar,   Rod Ortmann & Joann Saunders,   Ron Ostrander & Elena Schacherl  

Ralph & Jo-Anne Parks,    Lyle Patton,   Robert & Patricia Pollard,   Jane & Dave Pollock,   Robin Read,   Dave & Diane Reid,   Lisa Roberts,   Debbie Rodych,   Nancy Romard,   Stuart Rose,   Ryan Ruzycki,   Donnel Sabey,   Garnet Scaman,   Marty Scholten,   Stewart & Janice Scott,   Heather Setka,   Douglas Sharp,   Scott Smith,   Nancy Smyth,   Dorothy Spring,   Megan Stanley,   Diane Stinson,   Carol Stokes,   Ellen L. Story Pegg,   Brenda Strandlund,   Chad Stronge,   Gene & Anne Swain,   Marilyn & Don Talbot,   Susan Thompson,   Clayton Tiedemann,   Jerry  Timoffee,   Jeff Tonge,   Janis Turner,   Michelle Van Gelderen,   Angela van Son,   Leao Vermeylen,   Henry Villanueva,   Joan & Warren Wauters,   Larry & Mary White,   David & Esther Wiebe,   Diana Wilson,   Robert Worona,   Terry Zajac,   Calgary Co-op Deer Valley,   Cenovus,   Fish Creek School,   Good Pin,   Husky Energy,   Imperial

Special Recognition

Baylee Adams,   Ann Alcorn,   David & Norma Anderson, Paul Armstrong,   Rebecca Auriti,   Laura Bakken,   Lian Bird, Gail Bischke,   Dianne Bitz,   Robert & Maueeen Bracken,   Andrea Brickey,   Christine Brodsky-Ingham,   Gail Brooks, Grace Brouwer,   John Cadman,   Sandy Cameron,   Joanna Card,   Donna Carey,   Jay & Dawn Carson,   Gail Chapman,   Trevor Churchill,   Sheila Clark,   Graham & Gloria Collins,   Pat & James Conway,   Dianne Cully,   Dawn Erath,   Barb Evancio,   Miriam Field,   Beatrice Flood,   Byron Frederick,   Ron & Fran Freiburger,   Linda Garside,   Joe Gerritsen,   Elizabeth Gershkovich,   Janet Gilmour,   Kathleen Grant,   Colleen Griffin,   Brian Halhead,   Carole Halpen,   Maura Hamill,   Lori Harasem,   Pam Hawkes,   Tanya Hayes,   Jacquie Helpen,   Denise Hiebert,   Miyuki Hirano,   Brenda & Gary Hitchcock,   Lavina E Hoffman,   Heather Hollyoake,   Matthew Hopley,   Sonya Jakubec,   Sara Jaremko,   Lisa Johnson,   Mark Jordan Paula Kennedy,   Darren King,   Heather Knox,   Iryna Komissarov,   Anna Kottsova

Alan Lam,   Ralph & Carol Lane,   Bryan Leach,   Carolyn Lefebvre,   Jennifer Legate,   Bob & Dianne Leonhardt,   Sandy Leopold, Heather & Chester Maciorowski,   Jane MacLellan,   Fon Mah,   Erika Maherali,   Colleen Maier,   Nathalie Martel,   Judy Mason,   Martha McCallum,   Bob McGregor,   Signe McIntosh,   Cheryl McNab,   Joanne McNair,   Hilary Meakin,   Joanne Merrick,   William & Carol Moore,   Andrew Morris,  Fraser Mulholland,   Allan Naylor,   Annette Ng,   Valerie & Peter Nielsen,   Arnold & Lynda Nugent,   Jennifer O’Leary,  Martha Ortiz,   Marguerite Paulsen,    Jenny Peetoom,   Lucy Poley,   Janet Ratliffe,   Brent Raves,   James Redditt,   Elizabeth Rees,   Paul Rogers,   Libby Roth,   Susan Rygus,   Meghan Saunders,   Klaas & Tilly Schipper,   Ron & Judy Shandro,   Jane Shankorik,   Divya Singh,   David Smith,   Peter Snell,   Ellen Stewart,   Donald Stiles,   Ingrid Stolzenberg,   Olivia Sutthery,   Katherine Svrcek,   Diane Trofimenkoff,   Bill & Linda Tymchyshyn,   Natalie Vacha,   Diane Watson,   Lenka Wieczorek,   Sigrid Wili,   Julia Williams,   Burke Wilson,  David & Marion Wolff,   Tammy Yee,   Murray Young,   Syl Zacher,   Benevity,   ATB Financial,   Little Rock Printing

Photos: Beaver, Maddy Misdfeldt. Bobcat, Serena Caffrey.

Treasurer’s Report

Phil Greer
Treasurer, Friends of Fish Creek Board of Directors

For the year ended December 31, 2020, the Society reported net income (excess of revenues over expenditures) of $53,606 compared to a net loss $17,109 for the fifteen months ended December 31, 2019. In 2019 we changed our year end from September 30 to December 31. Our revenues for financial reporting purposes were $492,294 in 2020 compared to $526,259 in 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the operations of the Society, resulting in reduced activity and lower revenues from traditional sources. These reductions were partially offset by federal government Covid-19 support payments of $45,547 and recognition of $98,180 of revenue from the Enhanced Partnership Program with the government of Alberta (EPP).

We incurred expenses for financial reporting purposes in 2020 of $438,688, a decrease of $104,590 compared to 2019 expenses, reflecting three months less of expenses, particularly salaries and wages, plus reduced spending on programs such as Learning Naturally where activities were significantly reduced due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Our total cash position at December 31, 2020 was $368,266 compared to $175,215 at December 31, 2019. This increase is primarily due to the receipt of $200,000 in EPP funding during the year, Covid-19 support payments, casino funding, and an overall reduction in spending. We have set a budget for 2021 that reflects a gradual return to normal activities. We will also benefit from the EPP program with the government of Alberta which calls for total funding to the Society of $480,000 over three years.

View Summarized Financial Information

Thank You 2020 Supporters

Eagle Level $50,000 +

                   AB Parks


Bobcat Level $25,000 – $49,999

CoC                 TD



Deer Level $5,000 – $24,999










Beaver Level $1,000 – $4,999




                                    AREF Logo


Aspen Level $500 – $749


Birch Level $100 – $499

Elemental Wellness          Staples            MEC










Community Connections

The Friends of Fish Creek would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following organizations and individuals for collaborating with us and supporting our programs and events in a variety of ways last year. 

Alberta Community Bat Program,   Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation,   Alberta Invasive Species Council,   Alberta EcoTrust,    Avenida Pet Clinic,   Frances Backhouse,   Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley – WildSmart,   Bow Habitat Station,  The Bownesian Grocer,   Calgary Cycle,   Calgary River Valleys,   Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance,   Canadian Wildlife Federation – Canadian Conservation Corps,   Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Southern Alberta,   Canadian Wildlife Federation – Wild Outside,   Capital Chevrolet Buick GMC,   City & Country Urban Winery,   Clyde Vincett LTD,   Cows and Fish (Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society),   CPAWS Southern Alberta Chapter,   Amber deKam – Dinosaur Provincial Park,   Aaron Domes and Randy Bottle – Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park,   Bev Doolittle,   Mike Drew,   Ruby Eagle Child,   Eau Claire Distillery,   Elbow River Watershed Partnership,   Evergreen Theatre,   Fish Tales Fly Shop,   Ghost Watershed Alliance Society,   Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation,   Highwood Golf,   Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility,   Home Depot,   Humane Solutions Inc,   MLA Richard Gotfried – Calgary-Fish Creek,   Jill Jamieson – William Watson Lodge,   Journey Health Studio,   Premier Jason Kenney,   Kensington Art Supply and Instruction,   Little Wonders Learning,   Options Plus – Eden House,   Pamela McDowell,   McKenzie Meadows Golf Club,   Miistakis Institute,   Nature Calgary,   Nature Conservancy of Canada,   O2 Planning + Design,   Pensak Houghton Dentistry,   Peter Puffin’s Whale Tales,   RBC – Canyon Meadows Branch,   Rocky Mountain Soap Company,   Rotary Club,   Libby Roth,   Bettina Sieger,   Soffritto,   Starbucks Deer Valley,   SunnyCider,   Sunshine Minting Inc.,   Tower Garden by Juice Plus,   Trout Unlimited Canada,   Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society,   WILD Outside   and You Betula Environmental Inc.

Ruby Eaglechild

Ruby Eaglechild, Blackfood Elder, sharing the cultural significance of the beaver with visitors at Living with Beavers Day, October 3. Photo: Jaime McDonald

Staff and Executive

Friends of Fish Creek Staff

  • Nic Blanchet – Executive Director
  • Katie Bakken – Community Engagement Manager
  • Shana Barbour – Stewardship & Social Enterprise Manager
  • Chris Lalonde – Communications Manager
  • Emma Stroud – Citizen Science & Stewardship Coordinator 
  • Julia Schneider – Program & Stewardship Coordinator
  • Victoria Dickinson – Community Engagement & Communications Coordinator

2020 Executive

  • Bob Morrin – Chair
  • David Mitchell – Vice-Chair
  • Phil Greer – Treasurer
  • Henry Villanueva – Governance Chair
  • Kari Horn – Director at Large
  • Naomi Parker – Director at Large
  • Christina Steed – Director at Large
  • David Breckon – Director at Large
  • Neil Groeneveld – Director at Large
  • Michael McCreadie – Director at Large

Friends of Fish Creek Contractors

  • Bob Andrew – Bookkeeping Services
  • Kaylee Hope – TD Learning Naturally

Alberta Parks Staff
Jeremy Bakken, Jody Bares, Troy Christianson, Brian Ferguson, Joan Friedel, Ryan Hannusch, Roland Kirzinger, Meagan Montgomery, Jackson Mckinstry, Joe Oberhoffner, Claire Petursson, Jennell Rempel, Andrew Schoepf, Irene Till

The Venturers Society
Trevor Boardman, Jonathan Bricker, Cody Craig, Mike Depper, Len Esau, Josh Hauk, Michele Jean, Tim Krynen, Fred Lorenz, Ed Quiring, Rachel Ryan, Travis Schwab, Conrad Tiedemann, Lindsay Watkinson, Kelsie Webster, Kelsey Wood

Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Canadian Conservation Corps Interns
Sydney Ogrodiuk, Nosheen Hotaki, Erik Lutsch

Contact Us 
The Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society
PO Box 2780 Stn M, Calgary, AB T2P 2M7 403-238-3841, (fax) 403-297-5284
Our office is in the Cookhouse, Bow Valley Ranch, Fish Creek Provincial Park,
15975 Bow Bottom Tr. SE,,,

Charitable Registration #891199747 RR0001

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Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10.00 or more.