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June Speaker Series – Community Pitch Night

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Community Pitch Night

Thursday, June 16, 2022 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm on Zoom

Facilitated by Friends of Fish Creek Volunteers, Staff and Community Members

Pictured above is a small team of volunteers who came together because a long-standing community member and volunteer, Joe Gerritsen, proposed the rejuvenation of signage along the Single Track Trail. Not only did Joe propose the idea, he backed the idea up with his time, energy and dedication. He mapped the signs that needed replacement or removal, and led a crew of volunteers, including our new Stewardship Truck, in the field to bring the project to fruition. Over several outings, the team successfully finished the work, a project that never would have been completed if it hadn’t been brought forward by a community member.

Inspired by Joe’s and other community members’ willingness to step forward over the years, up until May 16th, we invited community members to submit their ideas for special project that either:

  • repair/improve existing park infrastructure,
  • improve current Friends of Fish Creek programming, or
  • reclaim/restore a natural area within the park.

Thank you to all who submitted ideas! We are now working to assess the ideas in terms of general feasibility and potential funding sources. Those who submitted ideas will be notified whether or not their proposal has been selected to be presented to the community at a special edition of the Fish Creek Speaker Series – a Community Pitch Night – on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Join us as an online audience member to hear about and vote on projects that aim to meet a need or resolve an issue in the park at this virtual edition of the Fish Creek Speaker Series! At this event, submission chosen for further exploration will be presented by short presentations, each followed by a Q&A session with opportunities for all community member to share their feedback on the ideas presented.

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  • The Friends of Fish Creek strive to remove barriers to participation and offer accessible, inclusive and meaningful ways to get engaged in the community. This special edition of the Fish Creek Speaker Series is a pilot, aimed at cultivating greater community engagement.
  • This Speaker Series event is FREE for all, Members and Non-Members.
  • CC: This Speaker Series event will be captioned, to increase accessibility for those with hearing difficulties and/or those who appreciate visual text in addition to auditory spoken words.
  • The Special Projects Pitch Night will be recorded on Zoom, and will be available on the Friends of Fish Creek’s YouTube Channel shortly after the presentation.

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Photo courtesy of Ward Sanderson.

Event Details

June 16 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cost: Free