Fish Creek Community Showcase

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The Friends are constantly on the lookout for new and creative programming ideas that allow us to engage the public and provide opportunities to partner in their delivery (because working with partners is one of our favourite things to do!) Our newest initiative does just that!

The Fish Creek Community Showcase is a social enterprise endeavour that allows artists, photographers and other members of the community to exhibit their artwork, photography, or various other products – such as books they have written – in the main meeting room of the Cookhouse. Both parties benefit from this initiative; the artists receive exposure of their work through our extensive network of members, supporters and volunteers, and are able to make sales in this Provincial Park (which is only allowed through association with a group like the Friends).  The Friends benefit from receiving a percentage of sales made during the Showcase.

Each Showcase will run for approximately three months and will kick off with a “Meet the Artist” event. 

Exhibits will be open during the Friend’s office hours, generally Monday to Friday, 9am -4pm (although we may be closed for meetings or off-site during those hours).  Feel free to pop in if you’re out for a walk in the Bow Valley Ranch; if you’re planning to come by specifically to see our exhibits, please call the office at 403-238-3841 ahead of time to ensure we are open.

Fish Creek Community Showcase

Featured Artist – Robin Read

Robin Read has been inspired by the beauty and ruggedness of the Canadian Rockies and rolling prairies of Alberta for many years, and this has provided him with the opportunity to combine his love of the outdoors with his passion for photography. Robin shoots all of his work with a film camera in black and white, and develops his own work using traditional processes in his home darkroom. His prints are processed to current archival standards.

View the framed original photographs by Robin Read