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Thank you to everyone who contributed as part of the Friends’ I ❤️ Fish Creek fundraising campaign during the month of November and on #GivingTuesday!

Together we surpassed our goal of $12,500 and raised $13,116 towards a sustainable Fish Creek Provincial Park! 

Fish Creek Provincial Park is a place of connection and community; we are grateful for the ongoing community support we have received this year and for the past 28 years that has allowed us to continue our important work. For the month of November, the I Fish Creek campaign provided an opportunity for people to share their stories, support the Friends, and by extension, help protect the park landscape that is beloved and supportive to many. The Friends provided 5 exciting ways for people to show their love for Fish Creek Provincial Park: donating, text to give, online silent auction, starting a fundraising team and sharing their Fish Creek Story. As always, these donations will be used to support our education and stewardship initiatives that help to protect and conserve this beloved place.

I am just so proud of the fact that our city has Fish Creek Provincial Park. Every time I am there and see people enjoying the space I feel better about the future!

I feel like I belong here!

What has kept me coming back has simply been my love of the park and my desire to keep the park a beautiful place to come.

2020 has been a year of learning, pivoting and adapting as we all work to navigate the constant change and uncertainty in the air, but with that, there has also been many opportunities for creativity, thinking outside of the box and trying new things. The I Fish Creek fundraiser is the perfect example of that! Fish Creek Provincial Park offers many diverse opportunities for recreation, solace, connection and healing, and this year more than ever, it has been a destination for those needing to connect with each other and with nature. It is also a place of legacy-building, full of important individual and family stories, many of which span generations.

The Fundraiser has come to a close but you can still share your Fish Creek Story! 

Other ways to support Fish Creek:

Dedicate a Brick

Support the Friends Stewardship Truck

Media Release – Nov 6, 2020

photo courtesy of Julie Gourdeau