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The Friends of Fish Creek have been running successful education and stewardship programs in Fish Creek Provincial Park for over 25 years, and much of that success can be directly attributed to people in our community who have knowledge and training in a specific area and offer to lead programs on our behalf.  Professionals in areas such as yoga, meditation, and Spring Forest Qi Gong have been the backbone of our Wellness Program for years, and academics and researchers have supported the development of our educational tour program through writing and leading tours. These programs would not be possible without such individuals.

The benefits of this kind of partnership are enjoyed by everyone: program participants get to experience wonderful and diverse programs at low cost; the Friends receive program fees that help to build a more sustainable funding base for our general operations; and YOU can choose the benefit you receive based on what is the best fit for you (more about this in Step 1!)

We would love to hear your proposal and work with you to ensure your program is a success! There are a few steps involved:

  • Step 1: Please review our Social Enterprise Contract for more details about the different ways you can be involved and the benefit associated with each.  **Please make sure you complete this step before going on to Step 2.


  • Step 2: Complete our on-line Concept Review for Programs form, which allows you to outline all aspects of your proposed program for our review. **Scroll down to Steps 3 & 4 once you have finished completing this form.
  • Step 3: Once we’ve reviewed your proposal, we’ll be in touch to discuss the details and work through any questions we have (either by phone or in person meeting).


  • Step 4: If we decide to move ahead with your program, we’ll ask you to complete, sign and submit the Social Enterprise Contract for our files.


Thank you for your interest in being an important part of our programming! We appreciate the support of people like yourself who generously offer their time and expertise so we can continue offering relevant, interesting and high-quality programming to the public.

We look forward to receiving your proposal!

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Julia Schneider, Program & Stewardship Coordinator, at or by phone at 587-238-3841 ext. 5.