Birding Course

Autumn Birding Course Starts August 29! 

Autumn is a good time to begin birding. As the leaves drop off the trees, many of the smaller birds, which will be migrating, are much easier to see. All sessions are held in the great outdoors – in Fish Creek Provincial Park and other natural areas in Calgary. Outings are conducted by Gus Yaki, a lifelong naturalist who has birded around the world – and other experienced instructors. Each outing is approx. 2.5 hours, and the 15-week course starts Aug 29 and runs until Dec 11. Registration Required and fees apply. As a fundraiser for the Friends of Fish Creek, these courses will once again be conducted by volunteer instructor and lifelong naturalist Gus Yaki – and other knowledgeable and experienced volunteer instructors.

Each week the Instructor will email the students for that week’s meeting location.

Thank you to Gus and the other Birding Course instructors, including John and Lorrie Anderson, Dan Arndt, George Best, Kingsley Blades, Rob and Theresa Brown, Ken Burton, Trevor Churchill, Bernie Diebolt, Dan Edwards, Kris Fernet, Janet Gill, Barry Hertz, Peter Hoyer, Bob Lefebvre, David Mitchell, Joanne Nemeth, Ron Ostrander, Rose Painter, Ralph Parks, Aileen Pelzer, David Pugh, Stephen and Dorothy Spring, John Stegeman, Carole Steeves, Diane Stinson, Marian Swatschina, Dave and Martha Taylor, Tony Timmons, Paul Turbitt, David Vernon, Wayne and Joan Walker and Rob Worona.

Fee: Once a week outing, Friends of Fish Creek Members: $60.00, Non-members: $100.00. 

Twice a week outings, Friends of Fish Creek Members: $100.00, Non-members: $150.00

Youth 16 years of age or younger with registered adult: $5.00

 All courses are conducted outdoors. 

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Each week the Instructor will email the students for that week’s meeting location.


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7) Our office is located at the Cookhouse at the Bow Valley Ranch, in Fish Creek Provincial Park (south end of Bow Bottom Tr. SE) Open 9 am – 5pm, Mon- Fri. Please call before coming down, 403-238-3841

8) Mailing address is:

Friends of Fish Creek

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Stay tuned for more info on the Birding Course.

Juvenille Bald Eagle, photo courtesy of Dan Arndt

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