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Gardening in Calgary: Choosing Alberta’s Native Plants for Your Garden 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Fish Creek Environmental Learning Centre – Shannon Terrace, Fish Creek Provincial Park 
(13931 Woodpath Rd. SW – Access via 130 Ave. SW and 37 St. SW)

Presented by Pat and Dr. Al Fedkenheuer, co-owners of Calgary based ALCLA Native Plant Restoration Inc. 

This talk will focus on using Alberta’s well adapted wildflowers, shrubs and grasses around your yard and rooftop garden.  Pat and Dr. Al Fedkenheuer will share expertise developed over the past 30 plus years of working with our native flora.  Learn what’s important about your garden, plant quality, when and how to plant, recommendations on species to plant in various sites and where to find plants or seeds.

Registration Required. Space is limited. Refreshments will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Admission: Free to Friends members, $5 for non-members.

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About the Presenters

Pat has been involved with ALCLA Native Plant Restoration Inc. since it’s inception in 1992 and is normally the voice on the other end of the telephone when you call ALCLA (403-282-6516).  She has a long time interest in plants starting with growing up on a farm and has been actively involved in creating green roofs, school yard prairie naturalization projects and native prairie gardens using plants she has propagated.

Dr. Al has been active in land reclamation for over 35 years focusing on re-establishing native plant communities on Alberta’s oil sands, coal mines, pipelines and wellsites.  His early work with native oil sands shrub and tree propagation and planting trials was a natural lead in to work with prairie wildflowers, grasses and shrubs from seed collection to developing propagation techniques to field planting.  Pat and Al are co-owners of Calgary based ALCLA.     


About the Photos – Photos and information courtesy of  Dr. Al Fedkenheuer.

Photo 1: The silvery plant in the foreground is Fringed sage, the pinkish flower to the right is Old Man’s Whiskers, the light blue flowers are those of Showy Jacob’s Ladder and the grass behind them is a Fescue.

Photo 2:  This is a Calgary wildflower garden we designed and installed and is an example of a “rock garden” using entirely Alberta native wildflowers to provide flowering from early spring throughout the summer period.  There are 20 or so flowering species in this photo. 

Photo 3:  This is our home native wildflower garden and it has 40-50 species in it, designed to provide flowers from the early Golden Bean throughout the summer.  Some of the identifiable ones, in flower at the time of the photo are:  In the foreground is wild blue flax, the little white flowers at the base of the blue flax are Pussytoes , the visible plants in the lower right are Goldenrods, the yellow flowers in the lower portion are Common Tall Sunflower, the yellow flowers in the centre of the photo are Black-eyed Susan on the left side and Brown-eyed Susan to the right. The lavenders and blues in the background are Bee-balm and Smooth Aster, in the upper left and done flowering, is Silvery lupine and the brighter mauve to the centre right is Blazing star. 

Event Details

May 21, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cost: $5.00