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Apr 2013

Park Watch Stewardship

By developer

Park Watch Stewards are the eyes and ears of Fish Creek Provincial Park!  

The Friends’ Park Watch Program has been in existence since 2001, and since then, volunteer Stewards have actively taken on the role of helping to maintain a safe and beautiful enjoyable natural environment for park users of all kinds. 

Park Watch Stewards provide a visible presence that encourages responsible park use while providing user education and the reporting of important observations to Fish Creek Provincial Park staff.  Providing assistance and information to park visitors, especially those who may be new to Fish Creek or the city, is one of the most rewarding ways create awareness and encourage environmental stewardship.

Park Watch Stewards play a vital role in the park and to the greater community; if you love spending time in Fish Creek Provincial Park or need a good reason to do so, this volunteer opportunity may be for you!  Recruitment for Park Watch is closed for 2018.  We encourage you to look for another suitable volunteer opportunity for this year.  Please note that Stewards volunteer in teams of two; if you know of someone who would like to volunteer as your partner, please have them sign up as well.

If you’d like more information about this program, please contact Shana Barbour, Program Coordinator, at or call the office at 403-238-3841.