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Apr 2013

Weed Whackers

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Invasive plants find their way into Fish Creek Provincial Park in a variety of ways, including dispersal of seeds via wind and/or water from surrounding neighbourhoods and backyard gardens.  These plants out-compete native plant species for sunlight, soil and water resources, leaving less forage for native wildlife.  Our Weed Whackers program brings volunteers together to actively engage in pulling these “weeds”, giving our native plants a better chance at survival.  We focus on “winnable battles”, those species that have not yet become pervasive throughout the park and which we have a chance at controlling through this kind of hands-on effort!

Weed  Whacker outings typically take place between May and August each year at locations throughout the park, including the Heritage Native Grassland at the Bow Valley Ranch.  Please check back in the spring for more information on dates, locations and the species we’ll address this year.

There are also opportunities for experienced Volunteers to lead Weed Whacker outings.  Please see Stewardship Crew Leader section below for more info.

If you would like to know more about our Weed Whacker Program, please contact Katie Bakken, Program Coordinator, at or call our office at 403-238-3841.